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Ongoing projects

Below you can read more about Jobsab's active projects

Malmö International School

In Hyllie in Malmö, we are currently building Malmö's international school together with MVB.


ESS - European Spallation Source

We manufacture complete Cryopanels for future research in Lund.

NCC, Kristianstad

We are involved in building Europe's most modern treatment plant.

Furillen Rydebäck

Pandemic-proof LSS accommodation.

72 apartments.


New dockings for Kongsberg in February and March.


We are installing a new biogas plant in Stockholm.

We are ISO certified

Jobsab works continuously to keep our certifications alive. It is important that we live up to high standards, so that we can provide all the necessary guarantees to our customers.


Our systems are built to be adaptable and change in step with your business.

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Since 1981, JOBSAB has supplied pipe installations in gas, hydraulics, industry and plumbing.